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 Latest CD release entitled: "Classic Sounds of Gospel Choir Music Vol I" January 1st, 2016  Get your copy today!


Kiralfy Forte's Premiere Video entitled: Building Me For the Road Ahead.




Kiralfy Forte, President/CEO of Technical Solutions and Maintenance, Inc. participates as a panelist at the 2012 Power Conference sponsored by the Montgomery County Economic Development for women in business.


Kiralfy was nominated and accepted in March 2010 to Newt Ginghrich’s Job and Employment Task Force

Kiralfy sings at Brother, Moses Forte, 70th Birthday Celebration.
Beverly Woods Banquet Center, Chicago, Illinois, August 14, 2010.






 Latest CD release entitled: "I Couldn't Make It Without You" January 1st, 2015


Release of CD – “Building Me for the Road Ahead”, Released September 25th, 2010


Release  Book – “Poetry Passion” , Release Summer 2014


Release Book – “LaMarr HomeCookin Cookbook”, Release Fall 2014


Release Book- “It’s Not Where You’re From But Who You Are” released Fall 2014







   The Lamarr
     Civic Center

 Kiralfy and sister Kranulett will officially open the Civic Center Summer of 2016 in Eufaula, AL





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KCF Records is proud to present Kiralf'y Forte's latest CD project entitled: Classic Sounds of Gospel Choir Music Vol I - On Sale Now!

Get your copy today!

Only $1.29 per single
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Thank you for supporting
Kiralfy Forte,
Eufaula, Alabama's Own!

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Thank you for supporting
Kiralfy Forte,
Eufaula, Alabama's Own!

Let Kiralfy take you back to the classic sounds of Gospel Music.  Back to the times when you instinctively clapped your hands and stumped your feet to the anointed sounds of choirtet music on Sunday morning.

Kiralfy Forte has beat the odds and with your support, the world will get the opportunity to hear her life's story! 

I am now fulfilling a dream that I have held onto since childhood.

I grew up in the church singing with my parents and younger sister.  We sang all over Barbour County, Alabama.  I took piano lessons and played for a short time in church.  Upon completing high school, I received a music scholarship to Tuskegee University and I sang second soprano with the Tuskegee Golden Voices Concert Choir for four years.  Many years and experiences went on since then and I stopped singing due to other interest.  But as I grew older, became a parent, and my faith in God grew stronger, I was led to sing again and this time as alto like my mother.   So I feel God was “Building Me For The Road Ahead” to inspire and encourage others to live life to the fullest and pursue your dreams.


My ultimate drive is to inspire and motivate people onto their own greatness.  We all have skills, talents, beliefs and ideas for which we have hopes and dreams to achieve. If we can be just a small part of helping someone else, or ourselves, to see the possibilities and to move forward and break the barriers that will give these dreams life, we have caused the world to be a better place.


My motivational series include the “Just Take That First Step” and “Building Self-Esteem in Women”.  Workshops have been developed to include series for women of domestic violence, poverty situations, and for individuals that feel they just can’t get IT together.


 I'm currently working on a book title, “It’s Not Where You’re From But Who You Are”


Kiralfy Forte's music is now available for download.

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