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Kiralfy C. Forte, entrepreneur, author, recording artist, and investor, is a native of Eufaula, Alabama where she was born on January 1, 1963 the seventh child born to the late Preston and Annie L. Forte.  



Kiralfy Forte, President/CEO of Technical Solutions and Maintenance, Inc. participates as a panelist at the 2012 Power Conference sponsored by the Montgomery County Economic Development for women in business.


Kiralfy was nominated and accepted in March 2010 to Newt Ginghrich’s Job and Employment Task Force.





 Release of CD – “Building Me for the Road Ahead”, Released Fall 2010


Release  Book – “Poetry Passion” , Release Summer 2014


Release Book – LaMarr HomeCookin Cookbook”, Release Fall 2014


Release Book- “It’s Not Where You’re From But Who You Are” release Fall 2014





The Lamarr
     Civic Center

 Kiralfy and sister Kranulett will officially open the Civic Center Summer of 2014 in Eufaula, AL





About Kiralfy

Kiralfy's Bio

Kiralfy C. Forte, entrepreneur, author, and investor, is a native of Eufaula, Alabama where she was born on January 1, 1963 the seventh child born to the late Preston and Annie L. Forte.  She attended elementary school at Clayton Elementary and High School at Rebecca Comer.  Kiralfy’s parents were Christians that instilled in her the power and goodness of God’s mercy early on in life.  As a child, she attended the Rocky Mt. Baptist Church where she was baptized, sang in the choir with her parents, was church clerk, and participated in many other auxiliaries.  She later united with The First Baptist Church of Merrifield in Falls Church, Virginia where she currently works in the stewardship, budget, guild, and music ministries.


Growing up on a 165-acre farm, Kiralfy learned quickly the value of hard work and commitment.   Upon completing high school, Ms. Forte completed a B.S. Degree in English at Tuskegee University with a minor in music where she sang with the Tuskegee Golden Voices concert choir for four years. While at Tuskegee she won first place in the President’s essay contest in which the then disabled Governor George C. Wallace was the key-note speaker.  Kiralfy’s additional degrees include a M.Ed. in Education from Howard University, a M.A. in Management from National-Louis University, and an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems from Northern Virginia Community College.  She is currently pursuing a P.HD in Organizational Leadership from Walden University.  Kiralfy also pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. while enrolled in graduate studies, was a member of Phi Delta Kappa Education Honor Society, and a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority.


Kiralfy moved to northern Virginia in 1985 upon completion of her under graduate  degree in the teaching profession at Tuskegee University.  Her teaching experience includes English for Fairfax County Public Schools, Upward Bound at Howard University, Basic Studies for Britannica Learning Centers, English at Pyramid Communications, and General Studies for the National Education Centers.


At the turn of her career into a technical tract, Kiralfy began working for MCI Telecommunications as a technical editor, Unisys Corporation as a technical writer and then training manager, Research Analysis and Maintenance, Inc. as an instructor, and Computer Sciences Corporation as a training manager. She also worked as a volunteer videographer and producer for the Jones Inter-cable Public Access station where she honorably had the opportunity to meet and interview Mrs. Rosa Parks.  But while Ms. Forte was enjoying the experiences that these jobs afforded her, she always knew she was destined for a higher calling.


In June 1992, Kiralfy started a small business as a result of being asked to manage a small training company owned by someone else.  Kiralfy’s responsibility was to coordinate trainers to go onsite and facilitate technical training classes.  Kiralfy did this part-time while she continued to work her full-time job.   While coordinating theses classes, Kiralfy took on the responsibility of coordinating another small business training contracts and her pool of instructors soon grew to eight.  Initially, the monthly staff meetings were held in Kiralfy’s two bedroom condo which continued to grow smaller and smaller.


Throughout the remainder of 1992 and 1993, Kiralfy became more and more overwhelmed working a full-time job and coordinating the assignments of eight instructors.  In September 1992, Kiralfy decided on a company name for her training coordination.  She thought of the name Technical Solutions and Maintenance, Inc.  The TSM, Inc. acronym looked and sounded right to her and she also added the phrase: “Where Quality Ensures Success”.  On  August 4, 1994 Kiralfy planned the opening celebration of  a new office for  TSM and her commitment to work the business full-time.  She organized a two-day Grand Opening ceremony to inform and engage the community, other small businesses, and her new family of  investors in what she was doing.   Oliver North, while running for senate, cut the ribbon.  Kiralfy received three new training contracts during the two-day event.  TSM continued to grow from training to more high-end consulting, and in July 2002, the evolution of the Alabama office began.


In July 2002, Kiralfy decided that she wanted to establish a business base in her hometown to provide technical job opportunities for residents who were seeking a career in technology but were not able to relocate to where most of the opportunities were.  While visiting her  hometown, she passed a building that had a “ For Sale By Owner” sign on it. Kiralfy called the phone number on the sign and a whole new endeavor for TSM began: a commitment to helping create job opportunities and economic development for Kiralfy’s hometown.


In September 2003, Kiralfy purchased another property in Eufaula and that property is now the LaMarr Civic Center named in honor of her mother, Annie Lou LaMarr Forte and uncle, Moses LaMarr.  Both were great singers and entertainers.  Uncle Moses went on to have a staring role the broadway musical, “Porggy and Bess”.  He performed with other stars like Sophia Lorean, Humprey Bogart and Sammy Davis, Jr.  Mother Annie was a resounding voice all across the state of Alabama singing Alto at numerous churches.  The LaMarr Civic Center is schedule to open after renovations in December 2010.  The facility will be used for event planning, advertising, entertainment, and social activities.


While Kiralfy spends most of her time managing three offices, she still finds time to accomplish other civic-related endeavors such as authoring a series of motivational books published by Xlibris Publishing Company, a summer computer camp for kids that ran for six years, a summer intern program for college students, establishment of a mentoring program for small businesses located in the city of Alexandria, and acquisition of a 7-acre facility for a community events located in Eufaula, Alabama.  She also coordinates a two-day community yard sale in Eufaula, AL.


Special recognition and awards Ms. Forte has received includes the following: Career Day recognition from Arlington County Public Schools and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., National Register’s Who’s Who, America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, International Who’s Who of Information Technology, Strathmore’s Who’s Who, Top Leaders of America, National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals, recognition from the National Women’s Business Center, Inc., City of Alexandria Small Woman in Business award, recognition from the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, Inc. and the City of Alexandria Small and Minority Business Task Force, Speaker on the topic of Small Business for the City of Alexandria, and the Defense Information Systems Agency, panelist for the National Association of Black Procurement Professionals on the topic “How to Survive and Prosper in Today’s Changing Procurement Environment”, Newt Gingrich's Job Task Force.  Last, but certainly not least an award from the Forte Family for coordinating the family reunion and research and publication of the family tree. 


Among Ms. Forte’s greatest joys is her son Kyle Bishop Forte, and her commitment to helping others understand and appreciate life.  Kiralfy has worked diligently to help change the lives of many women by motivating, inspiring, and encouraging them to overcome constant challenges in life. Kiralfy has provided countless speeches, written numerous publications, and worked diligently on forums to change the face of women and the small business community.  She also tutors at the Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, VA from 2007 to 2009.


Kiralfy is currently enjoying taking music lessons weekly where her desire is to play by "notes" and "chords" as she composes her music.











A Sincere Thanks To All!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by and visit my website.  It means so much to me.  I thank all of you who have have prayed for my success.

Kiralfy Forte