Entrepreneur, Author and Artist

Kiralfy C. Forte, entrepreneur, author, recording artist, and investor, is a native of Eufaula, Alabama where she was born on January 1, 1963 the seventh child born to the late Preston and Annie L. Forte.  


Kiralfy Forte's Premiere Video entitled: Building Me For the Road Ahead.




Kiralfy Forte, President/CEO of Technical Solutions and Maintenance, Inc. participates as a panelist at the 2012 Power Conference sponsored by the Montgomery County Economic Development for women in business.

Kiralfy was nominated and accepted in March 2010 to Newt Ginghrich's job and Employment Task Force.






Release of CD – “Building Me for the Road Ahead”, Release Fall 2010


Release  Book – “Poetry Passion” , Release Summer 2014


Release Book – “LaMarr Home Cookin Cookbook”, Release Fall 2014


Release Book- “It’s Not Where You’re From But Who You Are” release Fall 2014










Kiralfy's Services


Motivational Speaker

Kiralfy is a professional inspirational speaker who makes speeches intended to lift up and motivate her audiences.  Successful people develop a variety of personal and professional skills to succeed. During her facilitations, Kiralfy seeks out the best in individuals and help them to believe in unlimited possibilities and discover the avenues they have to succeed.

Women's Advocator

Kiralfy is an advocator for women's full inclusiveness and equity in all areas of life to include employment, professionalism, civic relations, and society. Many women believe they are bound by the glass ceilings.  Kiralfy helps to break these barriers by promoting the untapped talent held by most women.


Kiralfy 2012 Influential Women in Business Award, Minority Business and Professionals Network.

Program Coodinator and Facilitator

Kiralfy conducts and participates in workshops, committees, and conferences designed to promote the intellectual, social, and physical welfare of her audiences. She plans and conduct learning programs and conferences dealing with procedures, instructional materials, assessments, processes, team building, and organizational communication.

Curriculum Specialist

Kiralfy designs courseware, online media, presentations, and storyboards. She organizes content into superior learning modules that can be presented into multiple learning formats.  These are curriculums that take into consideration audiences that are geographically dispersed.

Documentation Specialist

Kiralfy creates documents, work plans,  and develop and maintain technical documentation such as user manuals, system documentation, and operational procedures utilizing predefined formats.  Lead efforts to write documentation for end users, technical personnel, and management.   Performs data gathering and analysis, coordination, and input to ensure timely and accurate response to data calls.

Process Improvement Specialist

Kiralfy serves as a consultant to organizations evaluating, planning and implementing improvements in processes and practices. Other aspects include team building and group facilitation, compiling and tracking data and preparing training materials and useable output reports.


Root Cause Analyst

 Kiralfy’s RCA support provides for a systematic, evidence-driven process for finding and correcting the most important reasons for performance problems.  The methodology recognizes that we are going to experience problems, because that's an unavoidable aspect of being human. Its a guiding philosophy that says "find the real, important reasons for our problems, understand why they exist, and fix them!"